Who Will Answer The Call In Time?

When our President sells out our troops in order to promote a political agenda that is in direct conflict with his oath of office to up hold the constitution it is an act of sedition What kind of commander-in-chief would place a target on the backs of his own troops as part of a negotiation with an enemy who according to their own constitution  troops who have declared "jihad" against the Western Infidel if he himself is not an enemy to his own constitution
America where is the outrage? What kind of people have we become when we turn our backs on those who sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms? While we may never be able to repay the debt we we owe to our military we must ensure they did not serve in vain That is why "We The People" the recipients of their valor are duty bound to concentrate their lives with our eternal pledge to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, whose unrelenting stance against tyranny its rule of law, secures the foundation upon which our free republic rests, Only then can we continue enjoy their hard- won and our guaranteed freedoms.
Is this how we honor them by ceding victory to Iran and Islamic Fascism over America and our Constitution without a fight. We must not allow this treasonous deal to continue without doing everything in our power to derail it  NOW
We cannot not wait a moment longer to stop Iran, time is not our ally. With the international community willingness to normalize relations with the hopes  of achieving peace and security with the Radical Iranian Theocracy once the deal was made Iran is now on the verge  securing a fail safe Nuclear Terrorist State well of the time the next present takes office
The collateral damage created by the integration of Iran into the global economy will be irresolvable Both parties are equally culpable of skirting the greatest threat to this republic and the rest of the free world, focusing instead on less incendiary issues that only serve to divert attention on the impending nuclear threat by a terrorist nation that will change the balance of power in the world
Had not George Washington not stood up to fight against British tyranny we would not be enjoying the freedoms we have today
By accepting this doubling crossing deal its as if George Washington and his rag -tag army shed their lives in vain Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to establish this great nation. Now we must do the same. Join with us we continue their fight against those who do not hold the constitution as their beacon nor respect those who fight to protect it
What would our Founding Fathers have done under these dire circumstances? I do not think that We the People can just sit back and hope for the best
We can no longer wait on the sanction peddlers who now believe implementing stronger sanctions can stop Iran in time. Renewed sanctions are the last vestige of hope for the deluded who think they and avoid as conflict with fascists
When dealing with nations and peoples who embrace religious fanaticism and hatred as their protocol, negotiations and sanctions are not agents of peace, they are a prescription for disaster.There no deal with a terrorist state that can can produce a guaranteed peaceful outcome other than one with a complete capitulation through the threat of military force 

We must go for the jugular and we must do it now. We must give an Iran ultimatum; dismantle your nuclear sites. The clock is ticking! We must overwhelm Congress with our demand Kill the deal", not us, for it we the people who will suffer the consequences of their blunder.


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