All photos that appear on the site NeverAgainIsNow.com are actual untouched photos    All the pictures belong to me and I have the full rights to all of them.

1. Donald Trump at his Long Island book signing I attended

2. Marines Tom Pridell (B’H) and Gene Simes, officers of the OFFE (Operation Firing For Effect),  picture taken by Debbie Pridell.

3. CA Department Commander, Native American, Enrique Rudino taken by Francisco Juarez  OFFE.

4. Ted Cruise picture taken by Susan Rosenbluth, Editor Jewish Voice and Opinion of NJ on a mission to Washington, DC

5.West End Republican Club of PA taken by a member

6. Actor John Voight picture taken by Gail Tenzer

7. Richard Allen Co-organizer, STOP IRAN RALLY 

8. Sheldon Adelson taken at ZOA meeting

9. Helen Friedman, Executive Director, Americans For a Safe Israel, UN Rally, taken

10. Stan Zir, Russian Dissident David Silberman, Inna Arolovich (Russian Jewish Federation) and Elie Weisel cousin, Les Weisel, taken by Buddy Macy.

11. Arieh Eldad, member of Knesset, taken with Bat Zion Susskind and Gail Tenzer in Israel

12. Glen & Tania Beck taken in Israel with Gail Tenzer and Bat Zion Susskind.

13. Pastor John Hagee, Christians United For Israel, taken in Israel with Bat Zion Susskind and Gail Tenzer

14. Ranaan Gissin, former senior advisor to PM Ariel Sharon taken in Israel by Gail Tenzer

15. Singer Actor Dudu Fisher taken in Israel with Bat Zion Susskind and Gail Tenzer

16. Robert Stearns, Eagle Wing Ministry at UN Rally

17. Holocaust Survivors of Riga taken by  a member

18. Holocaust Survivors of Brooklyn taken by a member

19. Family of Holocaust survivors at NY Holocaust Museum taken by Buddy Macy

20. Stan Zir and Sue Lowden of Las Vegas (Lt. Governor Candidate)

21. UN Rally Supporter

22. UN Rally Supporter

23. UN Rally Supporter

24. UN Rally Supporter – twins

25. UN Rally Supporter

26. UN Rally Supporters

27. UN Rally Supporters

28. Director Helen Freidman, AFSI at UN Rally & Cantor Charlie Bernhaut

29. UN Rally Supporter

30. UN Rally Supporter – Rabbi from Brooklyn

31. UN Rally - Robert Kuntz, Shalom International

32. ZOA Meeting attendee


This Never Again Is Now website, that I created in 2008, is not affiliated in any way with Glen Beck or Glen Beck's knock-off site, which first appeared in 2015, seven years after my website was created.  Beck’s feeble attempt to usurp the name Never Again Is Now, that I revived in 2008, and even presented it to him in 2014 at a New York ZOA meeting, misrepresents and diminishes the entire Never Again manifesto introduced in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahane and his Jewish Defense League.  As a matter of fact, Beck originally learned about my Never Again Is Now campaign in Israel in 2011, as depicted in Slide #12 above with his wife wearing the Badge of Honor.

On his site, Beck asks, "What is never again is now?"  He answers, "It is my calling card to act against the genocides in the Middle East and mobilize our nation towards the efforts to provide aid for the refugees, support for the suppressed, and to show the world that Americans will not stand idle to the terror."

Beck’s liberal use of Never Again equating the term with the all genocide perpetuated by tyrannical regimes against refugees and other minority populations, while admittedly horrible and inhumane, was not the intent of the term Never Again.  Never Again as originally coined by Rabbi Kahane is associated exclusively with the mass murders of the Jews of Europe as part of Hitler’s Final Solution to rid the world of Jews. Using Never Again to refer to anything other than the determined response to the “Jewish Problem” is a violation to the Jewish people and an attempt to minimize and white-wash the impact and severity of the Holocaust where six million people were murdered for no other reason than they were Jewish.

Never Again Is Now, The Badge of Honor and this website exist today to turn the light on the fact that seventy years later Jews are once again facing another Holocaust, as Iran’s nuclear missiles emblazoned with the words, Wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth,  will be pointed directly in the direction of Israel, and another six million Jews.  

Thus we ask you to join us by speaking out for the six million victims who no longer have a voice. Never Again Is Now!