A Profile of Stanley Zir

Stanley Zir has dedicated his life’s work to two issues:

(1) combatting forces that undermine the unique freedoms held by American citizens, and

(2) the importance of the safety, security and survival of Israel. As founder of several websites, he is unafraid to spotlight incongruity, illegalities and treason in government power plays.

1) and contain hundreds of essays and information highlighting government policies that run counter to the Constitution’s Rule of Law and its firm stance against absolute power, especially as it relates to an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel platform.

2) was the first site to underscore Islamic Tyranny as the direct cause of the 911 attacks. focuses specifically on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the detrimental effects religious and secular political ideologies have on America’s mission in the world. The Scepter of Liberty

3) is a comprehensive website about the treasonous Iran Nuclear Deal and the erosion of Israel’s security, with emphasis America’s betrayal of her only democratic Middle East ally is unconstitutional and threatens the free world.

Mr. Zir received the highest award for Valor by SGI NY Community Center for protecting its membership from an armed assailant, sustaining a life-changing stab wound to his lungs. His “in-your-face” approach to American leadership and commitment to standing up to tyranny evolved from the 30  years spent empowering and training disadvantaged youth in the Black and Spanish ghettos of NYC, instilling in them a sense of pride, respect and citizenship by staging cultural events throughout the City. Mr. Zir received Letters of Commendations for his support of American values from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and from Voices for a Democratic Cuba. Mr. Zir serves as the Civilian Corps Coordinator for Operation Firing  For Effect (OFFE).

He orchestrated the first rally to support the troops after the 911 attack at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. First Rally to support the troops after 911


Redress of Grievances against the Obama Administration calling for Obama’s impeachment for treasonous acts against the Constitution and remonstrated for abuse of power against the Soka Gakai, a 10 Million member Orthodox Buddhist organization SGI and Abuse of Power

Since 2001, he has been a regular on-line Op-Ed contributor to Israel National News, ReNew America, DrRichSweir, & OFFE. His works also appear on Neo- Conservative, Pro-Zionist platforms including Jewish Voice NY; Jewish Voice & Opinion, 911/ Patriots, Tea party patriots,  Howard Adelman blog, Canada Free Press, Hezbollah Watch, and Ruthfully Yours. Mr. Zir is currently coordinating the American publication of Russian hero David Silberstein’s collection of Latvian Holocaust testimonies, “And You Saw That."


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