The Unbreakable Victorious America Coalition

This site is dedicated to my friend and fellow patriot, US Marine Vietnam Veteran, Tom Pridell. After his time with the Marines, Tom continued serving his country as commander of DAV Chapter 4 in Canandaigua, NY, National Chairman for Veterans Supporting Veterans and as an officer of Operation Firing for Effect (OFFE) headquartered in Rochester, NY. Sadly, Tom lost his final battle in September 2017, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and service resulting in a tremendous void in our country. Tom’s constant encouragement and deep political insight helped launch this campaign to bring a national focus on the detrimental situation this country of laws and liberty will find itself in if it does not remain true to its ideals and mission. In one of his final requests during our last conversations, he made me promise that I would follow through with the Never Again Is Now campaign.  It is my great honor to present this website in his memory.  

Just months before his final days on this earth, my brave brother, Tom Pridell, shown proudly on the Home page in his full military dress along with fellow OFFE President Gene Simes, attached the Badge of Honor to their uniforms in front of a NY State Federal building, opening the door on  America’s commitment to combatting Anti-Semitism at its very core; a door that can never again be closed. That moment permanently merged Israel’s fight to our American mission, as it now became America’s obligation to fulfill Her obligation to Her citizens, Her ally Israel and, re-establish Her Rule of Law; America's unwavering stance against tyranny.

These brave heroes of our country understand that the Iranian Deal is a miscarriage of justice, a violation of our Constitution, supports Anti-Semitism, bigotry and senseless hatred against Israel and compromises our troops and our mission in the world. All of these injustices, symbolized in a simple Badge of Honor and Resistance, are diametrically opposed to what America represents, her Constitution and the military Code of Honor.

The veterans are not without their own miscarriages of justice. OFFE is currently fighting an illegal land-grab of valuable property in California, specifically designated for veteran hospitals, rehab and services, that has been confiscated illegally by the government for other purposes. That is why, we the recipients of their valor, must stand together with these guardians who protect our Constitution, as they now stand with us. Let us stand up for them, and make their fight our fight, as they have made our fight theirs.

In Tom’s memory, I am making this formal request, asking Jewish groups, synagogues, clergy, and Pro-Zionist Christian groups to adopt our veterans and other veteran advocate groups and provide financial support to complete their mission, as well as ours. The contact for the veteran's illegal land-grab project is: Francisco Juarez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the unbreakable Victorious America Coalition that is needed to defeat those who do not hold the Constitution as their beacon nor respect those who fight to uphold its honor.  Each time we pledge “One Nation Under G-d” we reconfirm that only those who stand against tyranny, truly stand with G-d. U.S. history began with our firm stance against tyranny and it remains our mission in the world today. It is our Rule of Law and guides our battles and policies.

It is time to stop the nonsense of partnering for peace with agents of deceit and entertaining misguided ideas that they have a legitimate claim to Israel’s land. It is time to recognize and call out those who praise G-d through acts of terror and treachery, then call out for justice in His name. We say, “Never Again is Now” for Israel, for America and for the rest of the Free world.


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