The Badge of Honor

This Badge of Honor is a public declaration of our outrage to let the world know that we will never again overlook blatant hatred as an acceptable way of life and ensure that ally nations do not hide behind any policies that support the obliteration of the Israel and the Jewish people.

We are not misled by nations who would rather place their Holocaust complicity in the basement stacks of history. We have not, will not and cannot forget the horrors of the Holocaust. We will not allow the world to be Juden- frei.

That is why we have made this fight “up close and personal” by asking you to speak in the name of a Holocaust victim and claim it as your own. Fearlessly secure the extra-large Badge of Honor and Resistance to your lapel and proclaim your commitment to the world that “their hate stops here with us!”

The yellow star inscribed with the word "Juden" was meant to brand the Jews and give them a sense of shame, weakness and humiliation. Wearing our Badge of Honor turns Nazi cowardice into a public pronouncement of outrage that Never Again will bigotry and hatred be tolerated without a fight. Never Again will evil be allowed to flourish.

The Badge is a simple yet imposing design that shouts to the world that six million voices must be heard. Imagine the strength of voices from every Synagogue, every house of worship, every school and university, in unison, affirming that Never Again Is Now!

Then, even stronger, when ultimately from the chambers of Congress, politicians rediscover their just purpose in defending America’s noble cause, as they stand together against anti-Semitism, intolerance, hatred, and oppressive regimes bent on destroying our way of life.

Let every elected official know that this is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue; rather it's a Constitutional mandate that America will never support tyranny, terrorism or annihilation of Jews.

Your Badge of Honor will include the name of a Holocaust victim so that you can speak out in his or her name, or you may opt to use a name of a beloved victim from your own family. Whichever you choose, it will empower that person to speak out to end the senseless hatred that cut that life so short.

Let the Badge of Honor be the start of a conversation. Take a picture of yourself or your organization, religious or otherwise, wearing the Badge and forwarded it back to this site along with your short message, via email, to post as we build a wall of images as seen in the presentation on the Home Page. This impenetrable wall will appear as a barrier of protection around the Nation of Israel for the world to see.

Each Never Again is Now badge costs just $5 (includes shipping.  Bulk order pricing is also available). Badge fees and donations to this movement will help this campaign swell into the largest crowd speak ever in the history of American Jewry. Your financial support means that these images will appear not only on this site, but on billboards and in transportation centers all across America to complement posters already posted under the PROJECT tab along the top of this site.

We suggest that you share your pictures with your social media, your synagogues  churches, community centers and groups and forward them to your email contacts,  your representatives in Congress, the Senate and even, President Trump.

Picture huge groups like CUFI, ZOA, AIPAC and the Christian Broadcasting Network unified in their message to stop this senseless bigotry and hate as attendees at their conferences wear the bold Black and Yellow to show their support and commitment.

The visual effect of these Badges worn by courageous Jews and non-Jews alike, in solidarity, will awaken the people to the polices of nations that have covered up the underlying anti-Semitism and clothed it nicely in words like, “Peace negotiations,” and “two-state solution” knowing full-well that any of these actions would lead to the ultimate destruction of Israel, the only safe-haven for Jews worldwide.

In response to an article I wrote in 2011 that 38,000 readers viewed, entitled “There is a Monster Among Us,”

WW II Veteran, Jack Nemerov wrote:

"American Jews from the very beginning of our Republic have put their lives on the line to hold up everything we hold dear and protect FREEDOM. I voluntarily chased after the author of Mein Kampf all across Europe, starting by landing on Omaha Beach at 6:30 A.M. on 6/6/44. I apologize for not catching the SOB, but I tried. Started out as a private, and was sent home as a Captain so I did try .On 5/1/45 I entered Dachau, so my feelings are out in the open at all times. When I run across anything or anyone dripping any indication of Anti-Semitism or anti-Israeli, they immediately know who I am.’

I say this to AFSI,  ZOA, all the Jewish Federations, APAIC, CUFI – It is time to let President Trump, Congress, American citizens and the world know who you are and for what you stand. Don the Badge of Honor and courageously follow in Jack Nemerov’s footsteps and declare to anyone “dripping any indication of anti Semitism or anti-Israeli polices” who you are and what you are willing to defend.

To President Trump, remember you stated, ‘Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years. Agreements made and massive amounts of money paid haven’t worked. Agreements were violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators” So I ask you, why make Israel the exception to the rule when it comes to terrorist groups like the PLO, Fatah and Hamas, all sworn to the destruction Israel for the past 40 years? Why are we  holding them up as legitimate partners for peace?

It's time to band together and don this Badge of Honor of making Israel’s fight to protect her sovereignty and her stance against Anti-Semitism every Americans fight. It is no longer simply a pro-Zionist fight. It is the fight of anyone who believes in our Constitution’s Rule of Law and its firm stance against tyranny and hatred. The Never Again Is Now campaign re-establishes America’s true identity and global mission to create a world “Free from the Hate” brought on by tyrannical forces.         

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